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I have been counseling parents of young children for over 25 years, helping resolve common problem of early childhood. Every family has its own story and challenges, but the most common issues I have helped hundreds of parents resolve have been: sleep; limit setting and temper tantrums; toilet training; biting and hitting; adjusting to preschool or daycare; separation difficulties; social interactions and intense shyness; lying; fear of monsters and other things that go “boo” in the night.

I offer easy access to parenting consultations on whatever challenges you are facing now.  I generally work with parents of children up to age 5-6, but am happy to help you sort out first steps on how to approach a problem with an older child.

My approach centers on looking at your parenting challenge in light of 3 main points and then providing a step-by-step strategy to address it:

  1. Understating the basic temperaments at play: both yours and your child’s
  2. Seeing how the problem fits with your child’s developmental stage
  3. Evaluating if big changes in your/your child’s world or major stresses in the family’s life are contributing to the problem.

From here, we are ready to move forward towards resolution. Click here to learn how consultations work and how to schedule one: How Consultations Work

You may also wish to view my Parenting Advice Videos  search the topics in Articles for my short parenting advice columns.

If you are in a mothers’/parents’ group and would like me to come to a meeting to do a Parenting Workshop either focused on a specific topic (say, “Sleep Problems”) or just answering everyone’s questions, let me know. I do a number of these workshops free of charge – first come first serve (within 10 mile drive from Berkeley).

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