How Consultations Work

My approach centers on looking at your parenting challenge in light of 3 main points and then providing a step-by-step strategy to address it:

  1. Understating the basic temperaments at play: both yours and your child’s
  2. Seeing how the problem fits with your child’s developmental stage
  3. Evaluating if big changes in your/your child’s world or major stresses in the family’s life are contributing to the problem.

Once we share an understanding of these issues, I will recommend a very specific step-by-step plan to resolving the problem.  The plan will be psychologically sound, developmentally appropriate and practical. I will make sure it is doable for you as a parent given your life-work situation, temperament, emotional resources and support network.  If the plan I suggest does not work (usually within 1-3 weeks) we’ll tweak it or go around the obstacles, reaching our goal from a new angle.


Scheduling a Consultation:

You can consult with me in any of the following ways (or combination thereof), whichever works best for you.  Regardless of mode, initial consultations are usually 45 - 60 minutes and follow-ups 5-10 minutes.

  1. An initial phone and/or email consultation with follow-ups (usually 2-3).
  2. Initial face-to face meeting at my office in North Berkeley with phone and/or email follow-ups.
  3. A home visit if you live within a ½ hour drive of Berkeley.  You’ll need to pay for my travel time at the rate of $60/hr. Brief follow-ups by phone and/or email.
  4. By email only.
  5. A site visit at a daycare/preschool if your concern is about your child’s adjustment or social interactions (aggressive, cannot follow routine, too shy, etc.).

This type of consultation involves 3 segments:

A. Observation and Q &A with teachers
B. Joint meeting with you and the teacher/s to recommend a plan of action.
C. Follow up by phone and/or email with you or the teacher/s.

Information Sheet for Parenting Counseling


  • $150 for a “Consultation Package,” which includes initial consultation and 2-3 follow ups, hopefully taking you to a full resolution of the problem.
  • $250 for Preschool consultations (#5 above).
  • Sliding scale: I do offer a sliding scale for families with combined income (from salaries and investments) below $80,000/year, based on your finances, your needs and my availability.

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