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Babies & Sleep Part 1: Teaching Baby to Fall asleep in the Crib

<p><span>In the first 3 months of life most infants usually fall asleep on their parents' bodies: nursing, rocking, on the shoulder, swaddled in your arms, etc. Around 3 months is the OPTIMAL time to teach your baby to fall asleep in her crib, on her own (with your company but not on your body). The FIRST STEP toward making it happen is to get your baby attached to a "Transitional Object," i.e. a small blanket, stuffed animal, etc.</span></p>

Babies & Sleep Part 2: Into the Crib Awake!

<p><span>Getting your baby to sleep through the night is the dream of every parent. The FIRST STEP towards this goal is to teach your baby to fall asleep in her crib on her own (with your company but not on your body).</span></p>

Babies and Sleep: Early Morning Waking

<p><span>Many babies in the first year of life wake up very early (4 or 5 AM!), "ready to roll." It's exhausting for parents (unless you are a farmer). Parenting Consultant Rachel Biale, MSW offers a simple and "tear-free" method for pushing their clock to a later wake-up time.</span></p>

Toddlers & Preschoolers: When Kids Get Aggressive

<p><span>All kids are going to be on one end or the other of aggression, some time in their childhood. This talk focuses on what to do when YOUR child is aggressive and hurts someone.</span></p>

Toddlers & Preschoolers: Fear of Monsters

<p><span>Around age 3 most kids get scared of monsters. Simple tips by Rachel Biale, MSW, guide you in how to help your child handle the fears.</span></p>

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