It was a turbulent, sleep deprived, bleary eyed time when we called on Rachel. We were in desperate need of a new approach to get our daughter (and us!) some sleep. We were disheartened by the popular "cry it out" methods (which left me crying it out), and co-sleeping, and constant night wakings were leaving us all drained. We were at a loss, just waiting for things to miraculously change while falling deeper and deeper into the sleep deprived abyss. More than advice from a book, we needed personalized advice -- someone we could lean on. Rachel provided so much relief. Her calm, reassuring demeanor immediately released tension. I felt as if she "got" our parenting style and was attuned to our specific needs and goals. Rachel walked us through gentle, bite-size steps, adjusting the plan as necessary, and offering extra support and advice as needed. She provided encouragement and clear, compassionate guidance that helped us tremendously to create new patterns which resulted not only in more sleep, but in a more comfortable, enjoyable bedtime routine.

- Rachael, Berkeley, CA -

We were at the end of our rope when it came to our son's sleep issues. We were exhausted and confused and felt like we had tried everything-- except the "cry it out" method, which we were not willing to do. We needed a solution that was tailored to our needs and priorities. And that is precisely what Rachel offered us. She listened carefully and offered specific solutions, which actually worked! She was patient, kind, and very much available for follow up over the course of many months. We owe so much to her and can't recommend her highly enough!

- Jeffrey & Amanda, Brooklyn, NY -

I am grateful for Rachel Biale's knowledge, expertise, and wisdom as a parenting counselor. She helped me and my co-parents (a gay couple) adopt better sleep habits for our daughter when we encountered difficulties, and to this day, we still practice what she preached: boundaries, structure, routines, and clarity! That early intervention profoundly changed our family's parenting strategies for the better. Rachel is compassionate, skillful, and a great listener. Thank you, Rachel!

- Caryn Aviv, Denver, Colorado -

We have used Rachel Biale as a resource over the past 6 years at critical milestones in our son's development. She has always provided practical advice that has assisted in helping us and our child. Her advice, based on years of experience, was always on target, and led to prompt resolution of the issues at hand. Issues addressed included: sleep, toilet training, letting go of the bottle and dealing with frustration.

- Parents of an 8 year-old boy, Berkeley -

After 2 years of struggling at bedtime, getting up during the night and not getting enough sleep, we were lucky enough to be referred to Rachel Biale. She brought sanity back into our lives. We had tried many approaches without any I am a parent of a 6 year old boy and have consulted with Rachel Biale on various issues since my son was a few months old. My son was very colicky, which made for a very stressful first year of his life. When I first called Rachel, my son was having very severe sleeping problems, my marriage was under tremendous strain and I was feeling very helpless and desperate. With her practical, confident and compassionate approach, she was able to defuse a very stressful situation and put us on a path that worked within a week. Since that time, I have consulted with Rachel on a number of problems and find that there is no end to her inventiveness in dealing with a variety of parenting issues. She has never disappointed me and never failed to provide us with solutions that work.

- N.E -

Rachel Biale really knows her stuff. I was ambivalent about "sleep training" but I was also exhausted from getting up four times a night. The method she suggested for helping my child get back to sleep on her own seemed gentler than other methods I had heard about. Rachel prepared me to cope with my child's initial anger at the change of routine. Within four nights, my baby peacefully laid down to sleep in her crib.

- Lauri -

Rachel's straight forward approach is amazingly practical and helpful, but, more importantly, it is uniquely compassionate towards both parent and child. We know. We called Rachel out of total desperation. Our "sleep through the night baby" had begun to wake up every one to two hours. After four months of sleepless nights, we were beyond fatigue. Rachel patiently and gently guided us and our son back to balance and sanity. From sleep difficulties to potty training, Rachel guidance and support has been an invaluable resource of support for us and for many parents, including many friends of ours.

- Miriam, 40-year-old mother of a 3-year old and another on the way. -

I loved that Rachel really listened to us and didn't have a one plan fits all approach. She came up with a bedtime ritual and night time approach that felt very right to us and it worked! She was very available to talk to us whenever we needed coaching and she was very compassionate, understanding and wise. Needless to say, as soon as our second child was born, we called Rachel again to get off on the right start. We highly recommend Rachel!

- Amy Moscov, Oakland -

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